Closing Down

Well, our family made it back to the States in one piece (or is that three pieces?) last week. It was an exhausting trip, but a fairly uneventful one. We are thankful for a safe and successful trip.

My time as a missionary in Russia has come to an end and with it the reason for this blog. Therefore, I am shutting down Musings From The Motherland. Actually, you will still be able to access previous posts, but there won't be any new material posted. If I am inspired to begin another blog, I will mention it here.

I want to thank everyone who has supported our ministry in Russia through financial giving, prayer, or letters and calls of encouragement. We praise the Lord for the way He used you in our time in Russia. I also want to say thank you to all our international readers from countries such as Estonia, Mexico, India, Germany, Sweeden, Denmark, Canada who dropped by on occassion. I don't know who you are, but I hope that you enjoyed the blog.



Winding Down

We have less than a week to go until we begin our move back to the U.S. Olya has been making special visits to friends to say goodbye and I've been wrapping up a few odds and ends for Sunday school. It's a strange time for us as there is a lot happening despite our feeling as if nothing much is going on at the moment. I think that Olya has a lot of stress and varying emotions as she has never made a move of this magnitude before. I'm not too stressed. Honestly, I wish that we had left a week ago. I don't like long, drawn out goodbyes.

In related news, I discovered an e-mail in my spam box tonight from a company in my home town. I had my resume sent into them the previous weekend. Apparently, the message was sent on Friday afternoon, but I only discovered it when checking my e-mail at the church today. I'm glad that I decided to check mail here or I may have never discovered it. I made sure to mark the message as "not spam" so that I would receive any future correspondence. Anyway, the e-mail stated that they would live to give me an interview. I am now waiting to hear about the date and time. Thank you for praying about my job situation. I will let you know if and when the interview is granted. Please continue to pray for this and our current preparations.


Happy Birthday Annika!!!

Our beautiful little girl turned one year old yesterday. Since it was in the middle of the week, we didn't do anything special to celebrate. We will have a family birthday party on Saturday or Sunday evening.

Annika started off her new year by getting herself out of the crib, hopping in the shower, brushing her teeth, dressing herself, making herself some bacon and eggs, and reading the morning newspaper to us. It's amazing to see how quickly her development progresses as she turns one year old.

Anyway, please join us in congratulating Annika on her first birthday.

Doctor in the House

On Tuesday, our latest visiting team from the States flew in to Moscow. Al and I made the trip out to meet them. Honestly though, the main reason I went along was to get another free ride to IKEA to buy some more storage containers for my Sunday school supply cabinet project. The team made it in on time and we all had lunch at the mega mall (where the IKEA is located) close to the airport before heading back to Vladimir.

The trip back was pretty fun. Someone had brought along a pack of cards from a survival game and the group was quizzing each other on what to do in certain situations. Examples include how to find fresh water on a deserted island, how to avoid arrest in a foreign country, and others. We also had some interesting conversations. During the last hour of the trip, I started talking to one guy on the team, Jason, who turned out to be a pediatrician. He loves working with kids and has had a lot of experience teaching Sunday school to elementary and middle school aged kids. I invited him to share his testimony and a little bit about his practice and his medical missions trips to Honduras.

The original plan for our kid's service last night was to have Jason share right after worship and before lesson. When I arrived at church last night, the girl who was supposed to lead worship came running out of the building in a panic. I asked what was wrong and she said that the lady who was supposed to teach that night, told her that she couldn't teach and that Jason would be teaching. I was shocked and pretty upset. Jason was also caught off guard because I had only asked him to share, not teach. He was willing to if he had to, but I assured him that I wasn't expecting him to teach.

Everything ended up going well despite this confusion. After worship, Jason shared as planned and the kids were very interested. They asked a lot of questions and offered to teach him some Russian phrases. I suggested that the phrases be appropriate for sharing the gospel here. The kids taught him things like: Jesus loves you...Jesus died for you...Jesus is risen...Jesus is kind and a couple others. By the time Jason finished sharing and the kids had finished with their questions, there were only 15 minutes remaining. We had some cookies and water and worked on a simple craft that kept the kids busy until the parents arrived to pick them up.

Anyway, the kids really enjoyed the time with the special guest. Jason was also blessed to minister to children and share about God's work in his life. I was thankful that the activities filled the whole class time so that the kids weren't running around before service was out. Praise the Lord!


Prayer Meeting Report

10 people at the meeting again last night. No increase in attendance this time, but it's still nice to see that there wasn't a decrease either. Praise the Lord!

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